Wednesday, 19 February 2014


     It's moments in history like that of which Venezuelans are going through right now, that are the soul reason I started this company. I believe in the influencers, the revolutionists and those that bring about positive change. In the past, the human race has shown time and time again that it will not stand for anything less than growth. If you aren't aware of the events taking place in Venezuela, please take seven minutes out of your day to watch this video:

     On behalf of Mathers & Co, we invite you to join us and take action in sharing the events currently happening in Venezuela. Let us hold those accountable who have taken the innocent lives of those fighting for positive change. We live in an era, a digital era, where information spreads faster than a disease ever could - bring this to the forefront. Get their attention, make sure the world knows about Venezuela, Russia, etc. It is our duty to each other for coexisting with one another on this planet.